PINOUT – Modernized or is this the last one?

Today we bring you the analysis of one of those games that without being a great overproduction certainly is worth playing them. This is PinOut, a new pinball with a very careful style and influence of the endless runner, which makes it something unique currently in its genre. It has been developed by Swedish studio Mediocre, authors of other quality games like Does Not Commute or Smash Hit.

Revolutionizing a Classic

As we have said, PinOut is basically a pinball game with its classic elements, shovels, ball and rebounds, which have been known to add new mechanics. For starters, we find an almost infinite pinball machine, which is shown as our ball reaches the top of the screen. At times, the table reminds the football fields in the Champions Champions, curved and not knowing where the end is.

Another of the mechanics introduced is the existence of a timer, which will cause the game to end when it reaches zero. To avoid this, we will have small collectible spheres, enhancers and even fun mini-games based on classics, such as the Asteroids. All this complemented with a perfect retro atmosphere, but still a current game.


pinoutUndoubtedly, this is a game that can not be blamed, both in technical and artistic. And is that the quality that shows is not expected in a game of this genre, although knowing the study of development, this something that we have been accustomed in their games.

On the one hand, the physics of the whole game is extremely realistic, to the point that it does not seem like a simulation at any point in time. On the other hand, the design of levels is well studied, nothing is placed on the screen by chance, which shows a great level of creativity and good to do developers.


For a pinball game, little else you can ask PinOut. At first one is content to give the ball and try to move, but soon the time starts to run against you and forces you to think and do your best. In addition, the difficulty is very well adjusted, so that at no time becomes frustrating. A shame that only consists of eight levels.


One of the strengths. They are not hyperrealistic or extraordinary graphics, but they fit perfectly what the game needs. The variations of colors that are made are very clean, differentiating also perfectly the different levels. Thus, no detail is escaped and everything is under control, especially highlighting the neon style and graphic effects used.


The sound section of PinOut transports us perfectly to the retro environment you want and fans of the science fiction classics sure to enjoy it. It has a great soundtrack, very epic, and the sound effects could not help more to the immersion.

What we Think?
PinOut is a simple, intuitive and easy-to-handle game that anyone will enjoy, regardless of their opinion about pinball games. A game that will surely go far, although the absence of more levels makes the duration its weak point, which does not mean that it offers great moments of fun. Check it now at the itunes store! Its free to download and play but you can always opt for the premium version at a very low price.