Is there such thing as an Online Generator?

I have been playing Sims Freeplay for the longest time and I have always been wondering if there is really such a thing as a hack to getting unlimited supply of simoleons and LP to the game? Why do I ask this questions? So see, today I was just searching for something in youtube and the¬†craziest thing, I don’t know how, I landed on some youtube video showing me a generator. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

This is the online generator I am talking about. You go to some site, well, in this case its and follow through the instructions like sharing it on google plus and the generator button appears. You then enter your username and select the amount of simoleons and LP points you want for the game. Then an anti bot pops up to check if you are human. You then get pass it by completing a few more tasks.

sims-freeplay-nov-updateIf you fast forward it to the last, you will see that the simoleons and LP points are growing as soon as you complete the tasks. It’s pretty amazing because I have been spending so much money just to get a few LP and simoleons added. I mean, there is no problem about spending because obviously that is how the developers earn back a return for the very good game that they have provided. But for some time, its could also be something that others have already been using to exploit the game. I know I would love it because I can quickly build my dream house which by the ways takes so much time, in fact, days to get the money accumulate just to add a few parts in the house. How much more if you plan to build a mansion right?

sims-freeplay-unlimited-moneySo I will be testing it today and hope to get all the simoleons I want for my game. Will my account be banned? I don’t know. But to make sure I am safe, I will be testing it on a new account. Although the generator states that it has advance tracking cloaking and guarantees safety, I will be more careful. Besides, if my new account works, I will probably instantly surpass my old account because it will be an instant billionaire. Kinda reminds me of the song “I want to be a billionaire so frickn bad”… haha

So why do I even care? I guess the game has already added so much to me. It keeps getting better and better. Not to mention every month there is always a new update and new goodies. This month is going to be the best season of the month and I am sure even more giveaways is going to happen and its always the best time of the year to spend on “whatever”. So there you have it. I still keep playing it and day dream sometimes and wish that my life was as easy as getting to be a billionaire like in the game. But I guess not. And here I am, blogging about it. LOL.