Feeding the Birds – Mission Quest Guide for Sims Freeplay

We analyze in this section, one of the first missions that will be unlocked when reaching a new stage in the life of our sims, the third age. We will analyze in this guide the mission to feed the birds. You probably read our sims freeplay cheats guide on Royale Linage and we do hope you enjoyed it.

With the mission Feed the birds our sims can feed the birds of the park and also if we do in less than 4 days, we will unlock exotic birds for our city.


How to complete the mission Bird Feeding

  • Look for birds in the tree of a house: our sim listens to birds chirping but does not know very well where it comes from. Look for birds in one of your trees in the garden. 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Read the magazine “birds of today”: to do this mission you need a stack of magazines. If you already have it click on the magazines and you will see the option. If you do not have it you can buy a stack of magazines in the living room. 8 minutes.
  • Read the encyclopedia: your sim has been interested in birds and what better to know about them than to read the encyclopedia. Click on a shelf and you will see the option “encyclopedia” 4 hours.
  • Cultivate pumpkins: your sim wants to attract birds to sim city and the best way is by planting seeds, the birds love the seeds. For this we will plant pumpkins in the garden. If you already have the garden, click on it and you will see the pumpkins option, 24 hours. If you do not have it, something strange at this point in the game, you can buy them at the home – outdoor store.
  • Make a pumpkin pie: now you have lots of seeds but you also have lots of pumpkin, we will not waste it so make a pumpkin pie. Select the kitchen and you will see the option. 10 hours.
  • Put seeds in the fountain of the park: go to the park, touch the fountain and you will see the option. 6 minutes.
  • Put seeds in the swimming center: it seems that we are going to spread seeds all over the city … Go to the swimming center and between two palm trees you will see an X where you have to throw the seeds. 6 minutes.
  • Look for birds in a swimming center tree: touch one of the palm trees in the center and you will see the option “search birds”. 16 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Call a friend: looking for birds, your sim has seen a UFO in the sky. Call running to a friend to tell him. 4 minutes.
  • Look at how Osiris intercepts a comet: it seems to be that our friend Osiris round again by Sim City and you will see him intercepting a comet if you go to the park and touch a telescope that will appear on the face, like everything in this game … When you touch the telescope Press the “look at Osiris” option. 7 minutes.
  • Watch the news on TV: something like this is sure to come out on the news, let’s check it out. Click on a TV and you will see the option “watch the news”. 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Be kind to another sim: Nothing has been said about the comet but there is a breaking news about a flock of birds that has come to Sim City. You are very happy because you have got what you wanted, tell another sim by being kind to him. To do this select another sim and press the “be friendly” option. 1 minute.
  • Nighttime bird watching on a park bench: your sim is so happy with the news that he wants to see the birds before anyone else, even at night. Go to the park (it does not have to be at night), select one of the park benches and you will see the option.


After completing this last request, you will have completed the Feeding the Birds mission. Your elderly sims will be able to feed the birds of the park and discover new types of birds. In addition if you have completed the mission within the set time, you have also unlocked exotic birds that you will surely love.