Love Zombies? Checkout Zombies Anarchy Game for your Phone

Good day, afternoon or night, gamers, today is the turn of analyzing Zombie Anarchy of the study that personally I consider the holy grail of mobile games. I know, I may have also stated that I love sims freeplay so much but Gameloft has been characterized by creating triple A games for mobiles and consoles and is not for less since it has brought us great franchises that have made us spend hours and hours of fun. Zombie Anarchy has enough of where to squeeze so in this review I’ll take the trouble to get a little in context.


We will return a little in time to my childhood, it was the year 2004, at that time I was about 12 years old and on television I saw that a new horror film titled “Dawn of the Dead” or “Dawn of Los muertos “translated into Spanish, the film painted well but for my age and the classification of the film for over 15 years, I could not access the cinema and I had to wait a while to get the DVD to see it.

My first impressions were positive and to this day I still believe that it has been the best zombie movie ever created, from the post-apocalyptic world, the characters, the atmosphere, the desire to fight in a world without rules and survive.

From that movie the entertainment industry leaned more by those directions and began to rain tons of multimedia with the same plot, at first it was fine but over time it became tedious to see the same thing over and over again, the variants were very bad To the point of putting plants to fight with zombies (if you know what I mean), the industry began to run out of ideas and to this day everyone who saw something with zombies in the title knew that was going to be something bad.


But inside all that bad stuff, Gameloft is up again and brings us this fabulous delivery. Zombie Anarchy is a strategy game in which our objective will be to equip our shelter and make it a prosperous place to live, the shelter will level up according to the experience that we have and in turn will unlock improvements for our buildings and survivors that will join our rows


The gameplay of zombie anarchy is very fluid and intuitive, you can control the survivors or let them attack by themselves, the way we can help them by activating the special attacks of each, there is a huge branch of improvements that we can do to Our buildings and our battle companions, I have almost 20 hours of gameplay and I feel that I still have nothing, which guarantees us a fairly wide gameplay.


The graphics are quite good and is what we have accustomed Gameloft in terms of visual quality and you can not expect less from this study, the level of detail that has reached gameloft with this title is quite well completed that at the time of killing Zombies you can almost feel your fingers stained with blood.


Zombie Anarchy breaks with the paradigm of zombie games for mobile as it is well set with a soundtrack quite well achieved and is that on returning to the camp we will find a melancholy melody which added to the atmosphere of the game achieves its purpose and shows us A true zombie apocalypse.

Final Verdict

Zombie anarchy is positioned as a true game of the zombie universe well adapted to our mobile devices, the only bad thing about the game is the lack of a paid version that releases all the content.