Super Mario – How it all Started and Evolved

What’s so easy or difficult can be design 2D Super Mario levels and making it fun for the player? That is tested with Super Mario Maker in Wii U the last year thanks to its powerful editor and now have the opportunity to experience, but in a portable format. Super Mario Maker lands now on Nintendo 3DS, but not with an adaptation, if not with a quite different version, which cuts out in some features, but adds other interesting. But why are we talking about it? You see, Super Mario is making a big come back this year and after the developers have found out that old games seem to appeal to old people who have more money to spend, reviving the Originals may rake in more money. And that is why Super Mario Run is set to be released a few days from now. Oh by the way, if you need some crazy hack or tricks to the game, just visit this site.


2015 meant not only the 30 th anniversary of Super Mario, from his first appearance in 1985, if not a before and an after for the totemic license from Nintendo and its most successful product, the 2D platformer. After many generations and even renew completely the license with a new approach – New Super Mario Bros-the announcement and subsequent launch of Super Mario Maker meant something as open the doors of the offices of Nintendo and give the player the keys of the city, breaking the rules and leave precise tools in the hands of the fan community for each design levels of Super Mario in his own way.

Who would buy a new Super Mario platforms now if we had access to an unlimited levels created by players directory? Far from worrying why, Nintendo Super Mario maker approach went beyond, understanding that give a voice to the community was not if not to expand the popularity of Super Mario still further, a strategy that will continue in just a few days with the release of Super Mario Run on mobile devices. However, many players were left without part in 2015 of the new community of creators, exclusive Wii u, until this week, with the release of Super Mario Run for android and iOS market

The truth is that the arrival of Super Mario Run to the mobile devices takes more sense than other older versions, since we look for where you look at, to take with us this tool anywhere seems more useful than on a console connected to the TV. Who knows when the creativity can reach us? Without detracting from the version of Wii U, intended to concentrate the community of creators, Nintendo has decided the creation of the game for the mobile gamers which has grown at a very dramatic rate can be a game changer to the company as well.

The lure of higher value of Super Mario Maker for 3DS, beyond the obvious claim of the level editor, is the presence of up to 100 levels distributed in 18 different worlds created by Nintendo; a number of huge content that, if not you have noticed so far, is almost like a new installment of the saga of 2D platformer. Perhaps the highest value found in this mode, called Super Mario challenge, is not only that it is designed by the team of Nintendo, if not which is a great reference for creators who later want to squeeze the included level editor. In Super Mario challenge we started from scratch, with levels really simple and easy to overcome, but very gradually the difficulty curve is increasing until in the last worlds we encounter with authentic marcianadas that will serve us for example to create our worst machinations; all of this was created from a different point of view to what you would find in a traditional Super Mario and lasting really extensive (there are challenges waiting for us at each level).


In addition to challenge Super Mario, the great attraction of this version, Nintendo has wanted to put us in tray can enjoy and download levels from a large selection among the best Wii U community. The reason is that this version of 3DS is not compatible 100% with all levels created in the desktop – seems that purely technical issues-, by what has been sought a compromise. On the one hand we have the challenge 100 Marios, that puts us ahead eight levels created by the community and randomly selected 100 lives behind us. On the other hand, we find levels recommended, our small window to the creations of the Wii U community work; We have at our disposal a generous (though not complete) selection of levels by Nintendo that you can filter by level of difficulty.

The bad news is that we don’t have access to the enormous amount of material that does exist on Wii U, the good is that some will find the filter of Nintendo almost a relief that serve to provide really relevant creations and set aside more boring levels and which do not really provide anything. From the most basic levels, until some creations impossible, through purely rhythmic phases; We can try everything and decide what we downloaded to our Guardabot. Precisely this will be our personal storage tool in which we will be keeping both levels overcome challenge Mario to revisit to our liking, as the creations of other players on Wii U which we have most liked in the cloud.

By the side of the pure Edition, very differentiated in Super Mario Maker of the playable side, we find the same simple, intuitive and powerful editor that now squeeze in the version of Wii U of 2015, untrimmed and with all the touch options intact, which is great news. Also, as already it was standard in the original version, it is imperative to complete each of our creations from start to finish to give it complete and the game let us share it with others; irrefutable proof that with enough effort and dedication all levels of Super Mario Maker can conclude.

The deliberate separation between the two sides of the game that we were talking about fades when we discovered that to complete and extend the capabilities of our level editor, we will have to devote time to complete challenge Super Mario, as overcoming each world opens the door to new elements of design, soil types, enemies and power-ups for Mario. Therefore the creators who want all the tools will have no escape; It should play and step take ideas from the creations of Nintendo for our own works.

We mentioned that Super Mario Maker editor comes to Nintendo 3DS without limitations, but what we have not had is that you for the portable version, Nintendo has decided to introduce a new system of tutorials; a kind of University of the design of levels made in Nintendo starring a palomo and her friend, which will show all the keys. From the basics to the most complex concepts of design, we will have up to 10 lessons divided into two parts which will prevent release to the player directly opposite the tool of creation without references. We don’t know if the decision reached by the feedback from players on Wii U version or if the target audience which is directed version of Nintendo is younger; either way, a great decision.

However, despite the news that this portable version manages to be different from her older sister, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS has some important limitations that subtract integers to the global computation. We are talking about the impossibility of sharing our personal creations in the cloud, so for a long time that we invest in our best levels, there will be no way to share them with the community. We can only do it at the local level with friends, who can even help in creating contributing their small, but the only way that the world knows them will be through built-in StreetPass, leaving this version on a clear background.

An alternative, more varied, version but with limitations
In conclusion, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS is great news for all those who cast of less powerful tool of creation of levels of the plumber to carry everywhere, but limitations in sharing our creations placed it a rung below version of Wii U. Therefore, if what you want is to have free and full access to the creations of the community, the perfect version for you has been a year in the street, but if you value to switch between game and Edition and also value portability, Nintendo 3DS version takes the cake in all respects, being the most complete and varied.