Is there such thing as an Online Generator?

I have been playing Sims Freeplay for the longest time and I have always been wondering if there is really such a thing as a hack to getting unlimited supply of simoleons and LP to the game? Why do I ask this questions? So see, today I was just searching for something in youtube and the craziest thing, I don’t know how, I landed on some youtube video showing me a generator. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

This is the online generator I am talking about. You go to some site, well, in this case its and follow through the instructions like sharing it on google plus and the generator button appears. You then enter your username and select the amount of simoleons and LP points you want for the game. Then an anti bot pops up to check if you are human. You then get pass it by completing a few more tasks.

sims-freeplay-nov-updateIf you fast forward it to the last, you will see that the simoleons and LP points are growing as soon as you complete the tasks. It’s pretty amazing because I have been spending so much money just to get a few LP and simoleons added. I mean, there is no problem about spending because obviously that is how the developers earn back a return for the very good game that they have provided. But for some time, its could also be something that others have already been using to exploit the game. I know I would love it because I can quickly build my dream house which by the ways takes so much time, in fact, days to get the money accumulate just to add a few parts in the house. How much more if you plan to build a mansion right?

sims-freeplay-unlimited-moneySo I will be testing it today and hope to get all the simoleons I want for my game. Will my account be banned? I don’t know. But to make sure I am safe, I will be testing it on a new account. Although the generator states that it has advance tracking cloaking and guarantees safety, I will be more careful. Besides, if my new account works, I will probably instantly surpass my old account because it will be an instant billionaire. Kinda reminds me of the song “I want to be a billionaire so frickn bad”… haha

So why do I even care? I guess the game has already added so much to me. It keeps getting better and better. Not to mention every month there is always a new update and new goodies. This month is going to be the best season of the month and I am sure even more giveaways is going to happen and its always the best time of the year to spend on “whatever”. So there you have it. I still keep playing it and day dream sometimes and wish that my life was as easy as getting to be a billionaire like in the game. But I guess not. And here I am, blogging about it. LOL.

Feeding the Birds – Mission Quest Guide for Sims Freeplay

We analyze in this section, one of the first missions that will be unlocked when reaching a new stage in the life of our sims, the third age. We will analyze in this guide the mission to feed the birds. You probably read our sims freeplay cheats guide on Royale Linage and we do hope you enjoyed it.

With the mission Feed the birds our sims can feed the birds of the park and also if we do in less than 4 days, we will unlock exotic birds for our city.


How to complete the mission Bird Feeding

  • Look for birds in the tree of a house: our sim listens to birds chirping but does not know very well where it comes from. Look for birds in one of your trees in the garden. 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Read the magazine “birds of today”: to do this mission you need a stack of magazines. If you already have it click on the magazines and you will see the option. If you do not have it you can buy a stack of magazines in the living room. 8 minutes.
  • Read the encyclopedia: your sim has been interested in birds and what better to know about them than to read the encyclopedia. Click on a shelf and you will see the option “encyclopedia” 4 hours.
  • Cultivate pumpkins: your sim wants to attract birds to sim city and the best way is by planting seeds, the birds love the seeds. For this we will plant pumpkins in the garden. If you already have the garden, click on it and you will see the pumpkins option, 24 hours. If you do not have it, something strange at this point in the game, you can buy them at the home – outdoor store.
  • Make a pumpkin pie: now you have lots of seeds but you also have lots of pumpkin, we will not waste it so make a pumpkin pie. Select the kitchen and you will see the option. 10 hours.
  • Put seeds in the fountain of the park: go to the park, touch the fountain and you will see the option. 6 minutes.
  • Put seeds in the swimming center: it seems that we are going to spread seeds all over the city … Go to the swimming center and between two palm trees you will see an X where you have to throw the seeds. 6 minutes.
  • Look for birds in a swimming center tree: touch one of the palm trees in the center and you will see the option “search birds”. 16 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Call a friend: looking for birds, your sim has seen a UFO in the sky. Call running to a friend to tell him. 4 minutes.
  • Look at how Osiris intercepts a comet: it seems to be that our friend Osiris round again by Sim City and you will see him intercepting a comet if you go to the park and touch a telescope that will appear on the face, like everything in this game … When you touch the telescope Press the “look at Osiris” option. 7 minutes.
  • Watch the news on TV: something like this is sure to come out on the news, let’s check it out. Click on a TV and you will see the option “watch the news”. 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Be kind to another sim: Nothing has been said about the comet but there is a breaking news about a flock of birds that has come to Sim City. You are very happy because you have got what you wanted, tell another sim by being kind to him. To do this select another sim and press the “be friendly” option. 1 minute.
  • Nighttime bird watching on a park bench: your sim is so happy with the news that he wants to see the birds before anyone else, even at night. Go to the park (it does not have to be at night), select one of the park benches and you will see the option.


After completing this last request, you will have completed the Feeding the Birds mission. Your elderly sims will be able to feed the birds of the park and discover new types of birds. In addition if you have completed the mission within the set time, you have also unlocked exotic birds that you will surely love.

Sims Freeplay Cheats Guide

Start the guide for the Royal Lineage mission. How to unlock this mission? The mission will be unlocked when you build the castle. This castle is on the mysterious island and its construction price will depend on the value that your city already has and the number of constructions. This mission will unlock a new hobby, archery. In addition we will also unlock new costumes and, if we get it before the time that the mission gives us, we will get fairies for our sims.

The time set for the Real Lineage mission is 7 days and is a long mission so do not waste any more time.


How to complete the Royal Lineage mission

  • Send a sim to the castle: let’s take a look at the sim city castle, you’ll find it on the mysterious island. When you are in the castle, call a sim using the buzz-a-sims.
  • Investigate bushes of the castle: you will see them with an exclamation mark. 1 minute and 20 seconds.
  • Greet the Fairy: Researching in the bushes, a fairy appeared, clicks on the exclamation mark and you will see the “Say hello” option. 3 minutes.
  • Take flowers near the castle: the fairy is a little depressed, during the mission you will know what is due. To encourage her give her some flowers, you can do it by clicking on the exclamation. 10 minutes.
  • Show flowers to the fairy: click on the fairy and you will see the option. 4 minutes and 50 seconds.
  • Ask about chivalry: the fairy thanks you and tells you that you are a gentleman, ask the fairy about chivalry. 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Dreaming of royalty: the fairy tells you that she looks for a chivalrous, brave and honorable yes that will stop the rain. When the rain ceases, it will open the castle doors again. This surpasses the imagination, go home to rest and think what your life would be like noble. Use the buscasims to go home, click on the bed and you will see the option “to dream with the royalty”. 10 hours.
  • sims-freeplay-cheats-guideAsar ribs in the park: in 10 hours you have given time to dream about many things, among others with a real banquet and your sim wants to do something similar. Go to the park and on a barbecue click on the “cook ribs” option. 1 day.
  • Have 4 sims in the park: use the buscasims and call 3 more sims.
    Call the table: When the 4 sims are in the park, an exclamation will appear above the plate of cotillas, click on it and you will see the option.
  • Telling the fairy about the banquet: turning over the chivalry, your sim has realized how generous and good it is and thinks it would be a good idea to tell the fairy, so go back to the castle and talk to her. To do this, first go to the castle and then use the buscasim to call the sim. When the sim is in the castle click on the fairy and you will see the corresponding option. 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Thank the fairy: the fairy congratulates you and tells you that you are the chosen sim to stop the rain. Thank her for the compliment by clicking on the fairy and on the option that appears. 5 minutes.
  • Arm yourself with courage in the bank: the fairy tells you about a monster that tried to catch her, to be a true gentleman, you must face it but before you have to memorize it yourself so go back to the park and clicking on one of the banks you will see the option “arm yourself Of value. ” 11 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Catch the monster fish: click on the lake around the big bridge and you will see the option to “catch the monster fish”. 6 minutes. You may have to repeat the action several times until you get it. When you do, you’ll see a mini scene. After this the fish will return to the water and begin to jump. When you do an exclamation on your head, stay tuned because you will have to press on it to capture it.
  • Tell the fairy about the fish: we will return to the castle and clicking on the fairy we will see the option “tell story of the monster fish”. 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Search classified ad: to disperse the rain you have to have 3 traits, your sim already has two, but it lacks the honor and for it we are going to use the computer. Go home, click on a computer and you will see the option. 7 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Growing beans: Your sim has found something perfect for the trait that is missing, someone who is looking for beans so we will cultivate them to help you. You can plant them in the garden. 9 hours.
    Have two sims in the park.
  • Sell beans to a sim: with the two sims you have in the park select one and click on the other. You will see the option “sell beans” 10 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Return to the fairy: go to the castle.
  • Answer “YES” to the fairy: click on the fairy and you will see 3 options. Select only the one to say yes. 5 minutes.
  • To animate the fairy: at last the rain has disappeared and the fairy is very happy but everything twists when she is going to open the door and sees that the rain has oxidized the mechanism and it does not open. The fairy becomes discouraged again and you have to cheer her up again. Click on it and you will see the option. 1 day.
  • To hit the 5 with the fairy: you have taken quite a while but at last has been encouraged. Click on the fairy and you will see the option “hit the five”.
  • Ask the fairy to open the bridge: or at least try. Click on the fairy and you will see the option. 5 seconds.

After this action the castle will open and will be available for the use and enjoyment of any inhabitant of the city. Now as an additional challenge, you can get the 12 archery prizes so you can build the 4 garden statues that will allow you to access the interior of the castle.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide of The Sims Free Play Cheats on the Real Lineage mission and above all that has helped you. Anyway if you have any doubt do not hesitate to write it in the comments of the article and I will answer as soon as possible.