How To Dominate Fifa 17

The summer season is over, and it’s time for FIFA 17 to open a new one.

In our guide to FIFA 17, with tips and tricks, we have made specific guides for certain parts of the game along with more general ones that will help you improve your skills at the controls, as well as to know the new features that includes the new delivery of The saga of EA sports.

New features aside, FIFA 17 differs from previous versions in several things, with a slightly different gameplay, interface changes and more. For those who come to FIFA 17 after months of playing FIFA 16, or newbies who have not touched a franchise game in a while, there are many things to keep in mind.


Here are some tips to get you started right away:

Vary your passes – FIFA gives more and more importance to space management, that is, to take the opponent out of position and create spaces for your player to progress. We have seen that the effect of the teams that create the most pressure is very noticeable this year, especially in the higher difficulties, so you will want to learn the art of opening the field. The best way to do this is with varied passes: a couple of short passes in your field, followed by a change of band with a direct pass (R1 / RB + Pass), a balloon (R1 / RB + Globe) Long or even one of the new elevation passes (R1 / RB + Pass to the hole) that will completely open the field. Keep an eye on the radar in case Paul Scholes balks you out of the camera.


Practice your watermarks – We know, practicing watermarks at FIFA is hard work, but it will reward you in the long run. He lowers the difficulty and plays several games against AI to practice with the opponents. We recommend that you learn well to shoot shots (quickly press the trigger button followed by the pass button) for beginners, before starting with the most complex. It works great against players who run like headless chicken behind the ball (like us) and you’ll find yourself playing online, although the AI will not be fooled into the higher difficulty modes.

The pace has returned, more or less – It may not be as painful as in other recent FIFA, but the pace is still important this year, particularly compared to the feeling of FIFA 16 walking through the mud. You’ll see lots of FUT teams on top of players with great Sprint Speed, and keep in mind that your defenses will be wrecked in a lot of 1-on-1 situations in the bands if you are not well placed.


First-round shots are a lot harder – just like ground-floor, (overcompensated in FIFA 16 when done correctly) and now are almost always ineffective under normal circumstances.
The entrances on the ground will not help you – The entrances on the ground have been nerfeed again and will not help you too much this year. They are more likely to end up at fault, have the defender stay behind or even have a successful rebound entry and get him to another rival player, so do not get down on FIFA 17.

Headers are overcompensated – In our first contact with the game, the easiest way to score is without a doubt the head shot, in particular with the centers we said before. Practice your centers repeatedly in lower difficulties and learn how to take a player to a ball into the area to gain some inertia before finishing. A seemingly docile situation can turn into a decisive chance of goal from nowhere, so try to avoid your sides from the centers from the start.

These are our basic tips and tricks for FIFA 17 and expect more tips, guides and tutorials in the coming days. And remember: practice, practice, practice! But for more advance cheats, check this site.