Super Mario – How it all Started and Evolved

What’s so easy or difficult can be design 2D Super Mario levels and making it fun for the player? That is tested with Super Mario Maker in Wii U the last year thanks to its powerful editor and now have the opportunity to experience, but in a portable format. Super Mario Maker lands now on Nintendo 3DS, but not with an adaptation, if not with a quite different version, which cuts out in some features, but adds other interesting. But why are we talking about it? You see, Super Mario is making a big come back this year and after the developers have found out that old games seem to appeal to old people who have more money to spend, reviving the Originals may rake in more money. And that is why Super Mario Run is set to be released a few days from now. Oh by the way, if you need some crazy hack or tricks to the game, just visit this site.


2015 meant not only the 30 th anniversary of Super Mario, from his first appearance in 1985, if not a before and an after for the totemic license from Nintendo and its most successful product, the 2D platformer. After many generations and even renew completely the license with a new approach – New Super Mario Bros-the announcement and subsequent launch of Super Mario Maker meant something as open the doors of the offices of Nintendo and give the player the keys of the city, breaking the rules and leave precise tools in the hands of the fan community for each design levels of Super Mario in his own way.

Who would buy a new Super Mario platforms now if we had access to an unlimited levels created by players directory? Far from worrying why, Nintendo Super Mario maker approach went beyond, understanding that give a voice to the community was not if not to expand the popularity of Super Mario still further, a strategy that will continue in just a few days with the release of Super Mario Run on mobile devices. However, many players were left without part in 2015 of the new community of creators, exclusive Wii u, until this week, with the release of Super Mario Run for android and iOS market

The truth is that the arrival of Super Mario Run to the mobile devices takes more sense than other older versions, since we look for where you look at, to take with us this tool anywhere seems more useful than on a console connected to the TV. Who knows when the creativity can reach us? Without detracting from the version of Wii U, intended to concentrate the community of creators, Nintendo has decided the creation of the game for the mobile gamers which has grown at a very dramatic rate can be a game changer to the company as well.

The lure of higher value of Super Mario Maker for 3DS, beyond the obvious claim of the level editor, is the presence of up to 100 levels distributed in 18 different worlds created by Nintendo; a number of huge content that, if not you have noticed so far, is almost like a new installment of the saga of 2D platformer. Perhaps the highest value found in this mode, called Super Mario challenge, is not only that it is designed by the team of Nintendo, if not which is a great reference for creators who later want to squeeze the included level editor. In Super Mario challenge we started from scratch, with levels really simple and easy to overcome, but very gradually the difficulty curve is increasing until in the last worlds we encounter with authentic marcianadas that will serve us for example to create our worst machinations; all of this was created from a different point of view to what you would find in a traditional Super Mario and lasting really extensive (there are challenges waiting for us at each level).


In addition to challenge Super Mario, the great attraction of this version, Nintendo has wanted to put us in tray can enjoy and download levels from a large selection among the best Wii U community. The reason is that this version of 3DS is not compatible 100% with all levels created in the desktop – seems that purely technical issues-, by what has been sought a compromise. On the one hand we have the challenge 100 Marios, that puts us ahead eight levels created by the community and randomly selected 100 lives behind us. On the other hand, we find levels recommended, our small window to the creations of the Wii U community work; We have at our disposal a generous (though not complete) selection of levels by Nintendo that you can filter by level of difficulty.

The bad news is that we don’t have access to the enormous amount of material that does exist on Wii U, the good is that some will find the filter of Nintendo almost a relief that serve to provide really relevant creations and set aside more boring levels and which do not really provide anything. From the most basic levels, until some creations impossible, through purely rhythmic phases; We can try everything and decide what we downloaded to our Guardabot. Precisely this will be our personal storage tool in which we will be keeping both levels overcome challenge Mario to revisit to our liking, as the creations of other players on Wii U which we have most liked in the cloud.

By the side of the pure Edition, very differentiated in Super Mario Maker of the playable side, we find the same simple, intuitive and powerful editor that now squeeze in the version of Wii U of 2015, untrimmed and with all the touch options intact, which is great news. Also, as already it was standard in the original version, it is imperative to complete each of our creations from start to finish to give it complete and the game let us share it with others; irrefutable proof that with enough effort and dedication all levels of Super Mario Maker can conclude.

The deliberate separation between the two sides of the game that we were talking about fades when we discovered that to complete and extend the capabilities of our level editor, we will have to devote time to complete challenge Super Mario, as overcoming each world opens the door to new elements of design, soil types, enemies and power-ups for Mario. Therefore the creators who want all the tools will have no escape; It should play and step take ideas from the creations of Nintendo for our own works.

We mentioned that Super Mario Maker editor comes to Nintendo 3DS without limitations, but what we have not had is that you for the portable version, Nintendo has decided to introduce a new system of tutorials; a kind of University of the design of levels made in Nintendo starring a palomo and her friend, which will show all the keys. From the basics to the most complex concepts of design, we will have up to 10 lessons divided into two parts which will prevent release to the player directly opposite the tool of creation without references. We don’t know if the decision reached by the feedback from players on Wii U version or if the target audience which is directed version of Nintendo is younger; either way, a great decision.

However, despite the news that this portable version manages to be different from her older sister, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS has some important limitations that subtract integers to the global computation. We are talking about the impossibility of sharing our personal creations in the cloud, so for a long time that we invest in our best levels, there will be no way to share them with the community. We can only do it at the local level with friends, who can even help in creating contributing their small, but the only way that the world knows them will be through built-in StreetPass, leaving this version on a clear background.

An alternative, more varied, version but with limitations
In conclusion, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS is great news for all those who cast of less powerful tool of creation of levels of the plumber to carry everywhere, but limitations in sharing our creations placed it a rung below version of Wii U. Therefore, if what you want is to have free and full access to the creations of the community, the perfect version for you has been a year in the street, but if you value to switch between game and Edition and also value portability, Nintendo 3DS version takes the cake in all respects, being the most complete and varied.

Is there such thing as an Online Generator?

I have been playing Sims Freeplay for the longest time and I have always been wondering if there is really such a thing as a hack to getting unlimited supply of simoleons and LP to the game? Why do I ask this questions? So see, today I was just searching for something in youtube and the craziest thing, I don’t know how, I landed on some youtube video showing me a generator. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

This is the online generator I am talking about. You go to some site, well, in this case its and follow through the instructions like sharing it on google plus and the generator button appears. You then enter your username and select the amount of simoleons and LP points you want for the game. Then an anti bot pops up to check if you are human. You then get pass it by completing a few more tasks.

sims-freeplay-nov-updateIf you fast forward it to the last, you will see that the simoleons and LP points are growing as soon as you complete the tasks. It’s pretty amazing because I have been spending so much money just to get a few LP and simoleons added. I mean, there is no problem about spending because obviously that is how the developers earn back a return for the very good game that they have provided. But for some time, its could also be something that others have already been using to exploit the game. I know I would love it because I can quickly build my dream house which by the ways takes so much time, in fact, days to get the money accumulate just to add a few parts in the house. How much more if you plan to build a mansion right?

sims-freeplay-unlimited-moneySo I will be testing it today and hope to get all the simoleons I want for my game. Will my account be banned? I don’t know. But to make sure I am safe, I will be testing it on a new account. Although the generator states that it has advance tracking cloaking and guarantees safety, I will be more careful. Besides, if my new account works, I will probably instantly surpass my old account because it will be an instant billionaire. Kinda reminds me of the song “I want to be a billionaire so frickn bad”… haha

So why do I even care? I guess the game has already added so much to me. It keeps getting better and better. Not to mention every month there is always a new update and new goodies. This month is going to be the best season of the month and I am sure even more giveaways is going to happen and its always the best time of the year to spend on “whatever”. So there you have it. I still keep playing it and day dream sometimes and wish that my life was as easy as getting to be a billionaire like in the game. But I guess not. And here I am, blogging about it. LOL.

Feeding the Birds – Mission Quest Guide for Sims Freeplay

We analyze in this section, one of the first missions that will be unlocked when reaching a new stage in the life of our sims, the third age. We will analyze in this guide the mission to feed the birds. You probably read our sims freeplay cheats guide on Royale Linage and we do hope you enjoyed it.

With the mission Feed the birds our sims can feed the birds of the park and also if we do in less than 4 days, we will unlock exotic birds for our city.


How to complete the mission Bird Feeding

  • Look for birds in the tree of a house: our sim listens to birds chirping but does not know very well where it comes from. Look for birds in one of your trees in the garden. 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Read the magazine “birds of today”: to do this mission you need a stack of magazines. If you already have it click on the magazines and you will see the option. If you do not have it you can buy a stack of magazines in the living room. 8 minutes.
  • Read the encyclopedia: your sim has been interested in birds and what better to know about them than to read the encyclopedia. Click on a shelf and you will see the option “encyclopedia” 4 hours.
  • Cultivate pumpkins: your sim wants to attract birds to sim city and the best way is by planting seeds, the birds love the seeds. For this we will plant pumpkins in the garden. If you already have the garden, click on it and you will see the pumpkins option, 24 hours. If you do not have it, something strange at this point in the game, you can buy them at the home – outdoor store.
  • Make a pumpkin pie: now you have lots of seeds but you also have lots of pumpkin, we will not waste it so make a pumpkin pie. Select the kitchen and you will see the option. 10 hours.
  • Put seeds in the fountain of the park: go to the park, touch the fountain and you will see the option. 6 minutes.
  • Put seeds in the swimming center: it seems that we are going to spread seeds all over the city … Go to the swimming center and between two palm trees you will see an X where you have to throw the seeds. 6 minutes.
  • Look for birds in a swimming center tree: touch one of the palm trees in the center and you will see the option “search birds”. 16 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Call a friend: looking for birds, your sim has seen a UFO in the sky. Call running to a friend to tell him. 4 minutes.
  • Look at how Osiris intercepts a comet: it seems to be that our friend Osiris round again by Sim City and you will see him intercepting a comet if you go to the park and touch a telescope that will appear on the face, like everything in this game … When you touch the telescope Press the “look at Osiris” option. 7 minutes.
  • Watch the news on TV: something like this is sure to come out on the news, let’s check it out. Click on a TV and you will see the option “watch the news”. 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Be kind to another sim: Nothing has been said about the comet but there is a breaking news about a flock of birds that has come to Sim City. You are very happy because you have got what you wanted, tell another sim by being kind to him. To do this select another sim and press the “be friendly” option. 1 minute.
  • Nighttime bird watching on a park bench: your sim is so happy with the news that he wants to see the birds before anyone else, even at night. Go to the park (it does not have to be at night), select one of the park benches and you will see the option.


After completing this last request, you will have completed the Feeding the Birds mission. Your elderly sims will be able to feed the birds of the park and discover new types of birds. In addition if you have completed the mission within the set time, you have also unlocked exotic birds that you will surely love.

How To Dominate Fifa 17

The summer season is over, and it’s time for FIFA 17 to open a new one.

In our guide to FIFA 17, with tips and tricks, we have made specific guides for certain parts of the game along with more general ones that will help you improve your skills at the controls, as well as to know the new features that includes the new delivery of The saga of EA sports.

New features aside, FIFA 17 differs from previous versions in several things, with a slightly different gameplay, interface changes and more. For those who come to FIFA 17 after months of playing FIFA 16, or newbies who have not touched a franchise game in a while, there are many things to keep in mind.


Here are some tips to get you started right away:

Vary your passes – FIFA gives more and more importance to space management, that is, to take the opponent out of position and create spaces for your player to progress. We have seen that the effect of the teams that create the most pressure is very noticeable this year, especially in the higher difficulties, so you will want to learn the art of opening the field. The best way to do this is with varied passes: a couple of short passes in your field, followed by a change of band with a direct pass (R1 / RB + Pass), a balloon (R1 / RB + Globe) Long or even one of the new elevation passes (R1 / RB + Pass to the hole) that will completely open the field. Keep an eye on the radar in case Paul Scholes balks you out of the camera.


Practice your watermarks – We know, practicing watermarks at FIFA is hard work, but it will reward you in the long run. He lowers the difficulty and plays several games against AI to practice with the opponents. We recommend that you learn well to shoot shots (quickly press the trigger button followed by the pass button) for beginners, before starting with the most complex. It works great against players who run like headless chicken behind the ball (like us) and you’ll find yourself playing online, although the AI will not be fooled into the higher difficulty modes.

The pace has returned, more or less – It may not be as painful as in other recent FIFA, but the pace is still important this year, particularly compared to the feeling of FIFA 16 walking through the mud. You’ll see lots of FUT teams on top of players with great Sprint Speed, and keep in mind that your defenses will be wrecked in a lot of 1-on-1 situations in the bands if you are not well placed.


First-round shots are a lot harder – just like ground-floor, (overcompensated in FIFA 16 when done correctly) and now are almost always ineffective under normal circumstances.
The entrances on the ground will not help you – The entrances on the ground have been nerfeed again and will not help you too much this year. They are more likely to end up at fault, have the defender stay behind or even have a successful rebound entry and get him to another rival player, so do not get down on FIFA 17.

Headers are overcompensated – In our first contact with the game, the easiest way to score is without a doubt the head shot, in particular with the centers we said before. Practice your centers repeatedly in lower difficulties and learn how to take a player to a ball into the area to gain some inertia before finishing. A seemingly docile situation can turn into a decisive chance of goal from nowhere, so try to avoid your sides from the centers from the start.

These are our basic tips and tricks for FIFA 17 and expect more tips, guides and tutorials in the coming days. And remember: practice, practice, practice! But for more advance cheats, check this site.

Sims Freeplay Cheats Guide

Start the guide for the Royal Lineage mission. How to unlock this mission? The mission will be unlocked when you build the castle. This castle is on the mysterious island and its construction price will depend on the value that your city already has and the number of constructions. This mission will unlock a new hobby, archery. In addition we will also unlock new costumes and, if we get it before the time that the mission gives us, we will get fairies for our sims.

The time set for the Real Lineage mission is 7 days and is a long mission so do not waste any more time.


How to complete the Royal Lineage mission

  • Send a sim to the castle: let’s take a look at the sim city castle, you’ll find it on the mysterious island. When you are in the castle, call a sim using the buzz-a-sims.
  • Investigate bushes of the castle: you will see them with an exclamation mark. 1 minute and 20 seconds.
  • Greet the Fairy: Researching in the bushes, a fairy appeared, clicks on the exclamation mark and you will see the “Say hello” option. 3 minutes.
  • Take flowers near the castle: the fairy is a little depressed, during the mission you will know what is due. To encourage her give her some flowers, you can do it by clicking on the exclamation. 10 minutes.
  • Show flowers to the fairy: click on the fairy and you will see the option. 4 minutes and 50 seconds.
  • Ask about chivalry: the fairy thanks you and tells you that you are a gentleman, ask the fairy about chivalry. 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Dreaming of royalty: the fairy tells you that she looks for a chivalrous, brave and honorable yes that will stop the rain. When the rain ceases, it will open the castle doors again. This surpasses the imagination, go home to rest and think what your life would be like noble. Use the buscasims to go home, click on the bed and you will see the option “to dream with the royalty”. 10 hours.
  • sims-freeplay-cheats-guideAsar ribs in the park: in 10 hours you have given time to dream about many things, among others with a real banquet and your sim wants to do something similar. Go to the park and on a barbecue click on the “cook ribs” option. 1 day.
  • Have 4 sims in the park: use the buscasims and call 3 more sims.
    Call the table: When the 4 sims are in the park, an exclamation will appear above the plate of cotillas, click on it and you will see the option.
  • Telling the fairy about the banquet: turning over the chivalry, your sim has realized how generous and good it is and thinks it would be a good idea to tell the fairy, so go back to the castle and talk to her. To do this, first go to the castle and then use the buscasim to call the sim. When the sim is in the castle click on the fairy and you will see the corresponding option. 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Thank the fairy: the fairy congratulates you and tells you that you are the chosen sim to stop the rain. Thank her for the compliment by clicking on the fairy and on the option that appears. 5 minutes.
  • Arm yourself with courage in the bank: the fairy tells you about a monster that tried to catch her, to be a true gentleman, you must face it but before you have to memorize it yourself so go back to the park and clicking on one of the banks you will see the option “arm yourself Of value. ” 11 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Catch the monster fish: click on the lake around the big bridge and you will see the option to “catch the monster fish”. 6 minutes. You may have to repeat the action several times until you get it. When you do, you’ll see a mini scene. After this the fish will return to the water and begin to jump. When you do an exclamation on your head, stay tuned because you will have to press on it to capture it.
  • Tell the fairy about the fish: we will return to the castle and clicking on the fairy we will see the option “tell story of the monster fish”. 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Search classified ad: to disperse the rain you have to have 3 traits, your sim already has two, but it lacks the honor and for it we are going to use the computer. Go home, click on a computer and you will see the option. 7 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Growing beans: Your sim has found something perfect for the trait that is missing, someone who is looking for beans so we will cultivate them to help you. You can plant them in the garden. 9 hours.
    Have two sims in the park.
  • Sell beans to a sim: with the two sims you have in the park select one and click on the other. You will see the option “sell beans” 10 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Return to the fairy: go to the castle.
  • Answer “YES” to the fairy: click on the fairy and you will see 3 options. Select only the one to say yes. 5 minutes.
  • To animate the fairy: at last the rain has disappeared and the fairy is very happy but everything twists when she is going to open the door and sees that the rain has oxidized the mechanism and it does not open. The fairy becomes discouraged again and you have to cheer her up again. Click on it and you will see the option. 1 day.
  • To hit the 5 with the fairy: you have taken quite a while but at last has been encouraged. Click on the fairy and you will see the option “hit the five”.
  • Ask the fairy to open the bridge: or at least try. Click on the fairy and you will see the option. 5 seconds.

After this action the castle will open and will be available for the use and enjoyment of any inhabitant of the city. Now as an additional challenge, you can get the 12 archery prizes so you can build the 4 garden statues that will allow you to access the interior of the castle.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide of The Sims Free Play Cheats on the Real Lineage mission and above all that has helped you. Anyway if you have any doubt do not hesitate to write it in the comments of the article and I will answer as soon as possible.

Love Zombies? Checkout Zombies Anarchy Game for your Phone

Good day, afternoon or night, gamers, today is the turn of analyzing Zombie Anarchy of the study that personally I consider the holy grail of mobile games. I know, I may have also stated that I love sims freeplay so much but Gameloft has been characterized by creating triple A games for mobiles and consoles and is not for less since it has brought us great franchises that have made us spend hours and hours of fun. Zombie Anarchy has enough of where to squeeze so in this review I’ll take the trouble to get a little in context.


We will return a little in time to my childhood, it was the year 2004, at that time I was about 12 years old and on television I saw that a new horror film titled “Dawn of the Dead” or “Dawn of Los muertos “translated into Spanish, the film painted well but for my age and the classification of the film for over 15 years, I could not access the cinema and I had to wait a while to get the DVD to see it.

My first impressions were positive and to this day I still believe that it has been the best zombie movie ever created, from the post-apocalyptic world, the characters, the atmosphere, the desire to fight in a world without rules and survive.

From that movie the entertainment industry leaned more by those directions and began to rain tons of multimedia with the same plot, at first it was fine but over time it became tedious to see the same thing over and over again, the variants were very bad To the point of putting plants to fight with zombies (if you know what I mean), the industry began to run out of ideas and to this day everyone who saw something with zombies in the title knew that was going to be something bad.


But inside all that bad stuff, Gameloft is up again and brings us this fabulous delivery. Zombie Anarchy is a strategy game in which our objective will be to equip our shelter and make it a prosperous place to live, the shelter will level up according to the experience that we have and in turn will unlock improvements for our buildings and survivors that will join our rows


The gameplay of zombie anarchy is very fluid and intuitive, you can control the survivors or let them attack by themselves, the way we can help them by activating the special attacks of each, there is a huge branch of improvements that we can do to Our buildings and our battle companions, I have almost 20 hours of gameplay and I feel that I still have nothing, which guarantees us a fairly wide gameplay.


The graphics are quite good and is what we have accustomed Gameloft in terms of visual quality and you can not expect less from this study, the level of detail that has reached gameloft with this title is quite well completed that at the time of killing Zombies you can almost feel your fingers stained with blood.


Zombie Anarchy breaks with the paradigm of zombie games for mobile as it is well set with a soundtrack quite well achieved and is that on returning to the camp we will find a melancholy melody which added to the atmosphere of the game achieves its purpose and shows us A true zombie apocalypse.

Final Verdict

Zombie anarchy is positioned as a true game of the zombie universe well adapted to our mobile devices, the only bad thing about the game is the lack of a paid version that releases all the content.

PINOUT – Modernized or is this the last one?

Today we bring you the analysis of one of those games that without being a great overproduction certainly is worth playing them. This is PinOut, a new pinball with a very careful style and influence of the endless runner, which makes it something unique currently in its genre. It has been developed by Swedish studio Mediocre, authors of other quality games like Does Not Commute or Smash Hit.

Revolutionizing a Classic

As we have said, PinOut is basically a pinball game with its classic elements, shovels, ball and rebounds, which have been known to add new mechanics. For starters, we find an almost infinite pinball machine, which is shown as our ball reaches the top of the screen. At times, the table reminds the football fields in the Champions Champions, curved and not knowing where the end is.

Another of the mechanics introduced is the existence of a timer, which will cause the game to end when it reaches zero. To avoid this, we will have small collectible spheres, enhancers and even fun mini-games based on classics, such as the Asteroids. All this complemented with a perfect retro atmosphere, but still a current game.


pinoutUndoubtedly, this is a game that can not be blamed, both in technical and artistic. And is that the quality that shows is not expected in a game of this genre, although knowing the study of development, this something that we have been accustomed in their games.

On the one hand, the physics of the whole game is extremely realistic, to the point that it does not seem like a simulation at any point in time. On the other hand, the design of levels is well studied, nothing is placed on the screen by chance, which shows a great level of creativity and good to do developers.


For a pinball game, little else you can ask PinOut. At first one is content to give the ball and try to move, but soon the time starts to run against you and forces you to think and do your best. In addition, the difficulty is very well adjusted, so that at no time becomes frustrating. A shame that only consists of eight levels.


One of the strengths. They are not hyperrealistic or extraordinary graphics, but they fit perfectly what the game needs. The variations of colors that are made are very clean, differentiating also perfectly the different levels. Thus, no detail is escaped and everything is under control, especially highlighting the neon style and graphic effects used.


The sound section of PinOut transports us perfectly to the retro environment you want and fans of the science fiction classics sure to enjoy it. It has a great soundtrack, very epic, and the sound effects could not help more to the immersion.

What we Think?
PinOut is a simple, intuitive and easy-to-handle game that anyone will enjoy, regardless of their opinion about pinball games. A game that will surely go far, although the absence of more levels makes the duration its weak point, which does not mean that it offers great moments of fun. Check it now at the itunes store! Its free to download and play but you can always opt for the premium version at a very low price.

What’s Your Battle Strategy in the Clash Royale Game?


Once Clash Royale has come out for iOS and Android we will teach you how to attack and defend yourself inside the game so that we can upload drinks, get all the cards quickly and become a TOP player. For this, these Clash Royale guides are born on Battle Mages, we will make a saga of guides explaining different combinations and how to use them.

Battle Deck by Clash Royale

On this occasion we have chosen some cards that combine very well and with which we will get to perform some very interesting battles. It is important to think about attack and defense, both are important. The Clash Royale Battle deck will consist of the following cards:

Mirror: This card being able to cast the card cast above will use it when we are rushed in defense and need more support from archers for example, or can also serve us to launch a surprise offense with two Hog Rider at a time (being a Attack that almost nobody expected).
Baby Dragon: This card is very good to defend, as it has splash damage even if it does not have much. To this letter to defend the we will have to help from the archers. The Baby Dragon will weaken the troops and absorb the damage while the archers are finishing the other troops without anything shooting them.

  • Fireball: This card we will use when we get too many troops and we have nothing that can stop them, throwing the fireball most of the troops will fall. Except those who have a lot of life but will give us a little time due to the backwardness that this exerts on the troops.
  • Barbarians: The Barbarians are going to serve us as much for attack as for defense, the barbarians are very good defending cards that have a lot of life like the Hog Rider, Giant, etc. To attack if you launch with barbarian troops like the Hog Rider can get to knock down the tower.
  • Archers: These Archers are going to be very useful in defense as mentioned before but they are also good in attack to have enough damage. Releasing the archers behind the Hog Rider will absorb the damage from the tower while the archers attack the tower directly.
  • Hog Rider: This card is the star of our deck, it’s going to be the one that will carry out most of the offense, but we’ll have to be careful not to get distracted, since it will distract itself with all kinds of defensive buildings.
  • Lighting: This will be the letter that we will use to destroy the letters of defensive buildings that the enemy places to us in front of their towers. Having a lot of life will end most of the life of these defensive cards.
  • Tesla: This will be our extra defensive building that we’ll always put right in the middle of our battle side. He will defend us from all the enemy troops so he will be ahgí to help us distract and reduce the life to the enemy troops, in case that they attack us with troops of great life will provide us a little more time.


Battle in Clash Royale

First we have to consider how a battle builds in Clash Royale.

The result can be Victory, Defeat or Draw.

The battle will last at most four minutes. Of those four minutes three of them will be normal match and the last minute will be the sudden death where the first one that destroys a tower will be the one that will win (in case the three first minutes finish in a tie)
The last two minutes of starting elixir production will double
When we start the battle the first thing we will have to do is wait for our elixir bar to fill to the maximum when we have done it, we wait to see if our enemy releases any cards, if we see that he does not have two ways to start. The first of these will be to put the tesla in the middle of our side if it has left us at the beginning, the second will be to release troops that cost little elixir and to structure our attack. We do not have to go crazy loosing cards because we will have no cards or elixir to defend ourselves. As we know each person can have a different deck so the first few seconds we will notice the opponent’s cards and the cards that can finish ours, not to stumble more than once with the same stone. What we are going to do is always put the tesla as it comes out because it will help us distract the enemy cards and give us a little more time that can be fundamental. The tesla will not do miracles we have to help him in defense and try to go to counterattack.

With what we attack we will know that your cards will be distracted so we will release a Baby Dragon with some archers to defend us and if we are lucky we can attack with these same troops if they have not killed them, all we have to do is release a Hog Rider together With the Baby Dragon and the Archers. The tower will be distracted with the Dragon while the Hog Rider and the archers will be in charge of weakening the tower to pleasure. Once they have killed our troops by having the mirror card we can try to make another attack with Hog Rider but it is not recommended since now it will have elixir to defend itself, and we will lose a valuable elixir for our defense.

We prepare to defend ourselves and the first thing we will do is place another Tesla, it is quite possible that the enemy I have a Hog Rider being one of the most used cards in Clash Royale, the Tesla will force the Hog Rider to move to where the Tesla is in Which will fire our two towers. Although it is not necessary we can release some Barbarians to assure us the defense besides that these will serve us later to go back to the attack releasing only Archers behind.

Once we have destroyed your tower you can do two things. The first one will defend us as we can so that the tower does not fall to us and win the game, or we can go to its other tower to make sure the game, although this last one will have its drawback because they can lay our tower. If we throw our tower we will have to go to its second tower by force, so we will have to throw troops as soon as we lose our tower, since we leave with a slight advantage of elixir and we have to take advantage of it. While the troops we have used to defend advance we make a small incursion on the side of the enemy tower exactly as we have with the other. In this we can clear a little the way to the Hog Rider while we take life to the tower throwing while the Hog Rider a Fireball or a Lightning.

We have to keep in mind that the first one that destroys a tower will have a slight advantage, but also it is necessary to say that in Clash Royale the same thing that you are winning suddenly you are losing so it is not necessary to be lost.